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Hello, welcome to eco-wrap

Here at eco-wrap we sell a sustainable alternative to wrapping paper.

Instead of paper we sell beautiful, reusable fabric gift bags that are made by the fair-trade artisans of Purkal Stree Shakti in India.

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The UK  alone uses up approximately 108 million rolls of wrapping paper each Christmas, and around 50,000 trees are felled  each year for wrapping paper around the world.Plus many types of wrapping paper include plastic and can't be recycled. 

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If you buy an eco-wrap bag (and choose to use it in a way you can have it back, such as with the immediate family) you won't need to buy more wrapping paper each year, so on the long term you could save money!

The bags are also quite beautiful and can really add to any gift. As well as that, they are incredibly simple to use and require no skill whatsoever to wrap!

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Purkal Stree Shakti is based in the foothills of the Himalayas, on the outskirts of Dehradun (near Rishikash) They are committed to improving the welfare of woman by giving them the means to make life-changing income at a living wage.
These women are specially trained for many years to enable them to produce a wide range of high quality and beautifully-designed, original products which have sold around the world.
Purkal Stree Shakti has been recognised for meeting their standards of pay and working conditions. In purchasing these unique gift bags, you are helping women to realise their full potential in life.
See more Purkal Stree Shakti designs at: or at
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